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Nestaan Holland BV
Slabbecoornweg 31 - 33
4691 RZ Tholen, Nederland

Tel: +31 166 605 605

Quality insulation
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+31 (0)166 - 605 605


Nestaan Holland two component spray systems are processed with a high pressure spraying machine. Component A and B are heated und pumped through heated hoses to a gun. There the components are mixed at high pressure and a layer of reactive fluid can be laid on a substrate. This film reacts within a few seconds and forms the polyurethane foam. Depending on application and desired density, these systems expand between 20 and 30 times its volume. This type of spray systems is generally used because of the very high insulation properties. Spray foams with higher densities can be used for constructive and decorative applications. Furthermore flexible spray systems can be used as insulation of impact noise to suppress noises from suspended floors in apartments. As Nestaan Holland has a vast experience with spray systems, we are able to issue an in-depth recommendation concerning application requirements, reaction times, subsoils and required surrounding factors. If necessary we are most willing to adapt the system to your wishes.

Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV