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Nestaan Holland BV
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Nestaan polyurethane pouring systems exist of two components that can be mixed and poured to foam a polyurethane foam. They are developed to fill certain cavities. The forms that need to be filled are mostly moulds. As polyurethane is highly convenient to all kinds of users, production moulds in many sizes and forms are conceivable. In many cases pouring systems are processed with specially designed high or low pressure machines. Mixing of the Poly and Iso components is done in a mixing chamber by high pressure injection or by mechanical mixing. The still liquid mixture is then injected or poured into a mould. Demolding times strongly depend on the thickness of the object poured en the two component system used.

Also mixing and pouring by hand can be very convenient. It is important that the guidelines concerning required mixing ratio are followed up carefully. Mixing by hand is less precise than using a dosing and mixing machine and must therefore be carefully monitored to guarantee a good end-product. Pouring systems which are developed for this purpose, mostly have slower reaction times to enable a convenient processing. For all processing methods mentioned above Nestaan Holland has pouring systems available or will be happy to develop a new system after having an open dialog with its customers. Beside the differences in start times as a result of the processing method a variation can be made in density, blowing agent, insulation value, compressive strength, skin forming or flexibility.

Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV