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Nestaan spray systems for flooring are used in both new estates and refurbishments. A distinction between application methods is roughly made between applying the insulation under the floor or on top of the floor. In both cases application takes place after the constructive (base) floors have been built. The primary tasks of these polyurethane foams is reducing heat losses and improve thermal standards but also insulation of floors is frequently used to reduce humidity or avoid condensation problems.

Application on ground bearing floors
At this application method heat insulation is introduced after the masonry phase is completed. Foam is applied on the ground floor. On these floors firstly electricity or water services can be applied. Nestaan spray foam is than sprayed to level out and forms an insulating mass. A finishing floor layer is put on top of the sprayed foam possibly after a floor heating system is applied on the foam layer first.

Application from the foundation
This generally concerns refurbishment of floors to improve their thermal standard. It is applied from the foundation and sprayed from underneath against the base floor. Because of this a seamless, jointless insulating floor is obtained without cold-bridges.

Another application for polyurethane spray foam at floors is reducing contact sounds. This type of foam is used at suspended floors of apartments to reduce impact noises. These sprayed layers are made with flexible polyurethane foam.

Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV