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Also in the roof segment polyurethane foam is frequently applied. One of the main reasons is that polyurethane foam has a very good insulating value. It is calculated that over 30% of the total heat loss takes place through the roof, whereas this generally only represents 20% of total insulated surface. It is thus not strange that polyurethane foam has acquired a strong position. Roofs of houses or industrial buildings ( in the agricultural sector) can be insulated from the inside. Nestaan Holland provides an appropriate system for this application.

Innerroof insulation
Innerroof insulation is being applied with the so called overhead spray method. Application of this type of foam requires a very fast reaction time of the system. Foam is sprayed with a high pressure machine and applied as a fluid film. Within 2 seconds the foaming process starts. Because the produced fluid film follows the contours of the subsoil totally, a very high insulation value is obtained. No cold bridges are left. The reacted fluid, the cured PUR foam, follows and wraps the trusses, purlins and all other parts of the construction.

Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV