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Nestaan Holland BV
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Industrial insulation

Polyurethane pouring systems are widely used in industrial applications because polyurethane has a high insulation value, good flow ability and dimensional stability. Moulds that are being used in this segment generally have an inside form, a cavity and outer wall as a finish. The void between the form and the outside shell is filled. Because mostly large moulds are used in industrial processes, the cavity should be filled in more than one layer. The reaction between the two components that form polyurethane foam is exothermic and therefore develops heat. By applying the system in layers, scorching or even auto ignition is prevented. Also the pressure build up in the mould is controlled and secured. Nestaan Holland has a vast experience with pouring systems and is able to advice you on application requirements, reaction times, demoulding times and most other factors that assure a good, solid, finished product.

Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV