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Nestaan Holland BV
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Manual process

Two components polyurethane adhesives which are processed by hand can be divided in two types; filled adhesives with a slow reaction profile that have no foaming characteristic and types that are not filled, have a fast reaction and are foaming to perform its maximum adherence. These two-component adhesives are developed to adhere to all types of subsoils and insulation materials mutually or with each other. One may think of stainless steel, aluminum, polyester, wood, glass, PUR, PIR, EPS, XPS and mineral wool. Mostly a press is used to obtain a secure bonding. The press time depends on the surroundings temperature and the system used.

Slow filled glue
This type of adhesive is generally applied in situations where large surfaces have to be processes by hand. The open time of these types of adhesives at room temperature is long (for example 1 hour) to generate enough time for workers to apply the adhesive and to press the different surfaces to each other. Application of the adhesive on the insulation or on its facing is done with a special roller. After the correct positioning of the different parts they are pressed for some hours.

Fast foaming glue
For smaller surfaces (or if one wants to make many products rapidly including a short moulding time) these adhesives are very appropriate. Because these adhesives have a foaming character, they are very useful for processes in which materials with an open structure are being used as it will penetrate into the pores of the material and therefore generates a perfect bondage.

Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV