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ARVENOL®, biobased insulation foam

The Arvenol® foams are characterized by the use of bio-based raw materials as base ingredient. It is not surprising that Nestaan ​​comes up with this green solution. As an independent system house, it has already built up a great reputation in the field of high-quality insulation solutions. They have the knowledge and expertise in-house to identify raw materials worldwide that help to achieve the challenging climate objectives.

The applied bio-raw material comes from waste flows from other, mostly industrial, production processes and in no way disrupts the food chain. In addition to the deployment phase as an insulating foam, this now also helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels during the production itself.

Choosing for Arvenol® is therefore an economical, responsible and green choice.

Available for many applications.

Arvenol® foam is used as a high-efficiency insulation material under floors and roofs or in cavity walls. Both in residential and commercial buildings. Systems for spraying, pouring or injecting can be chosen. Adhesives are also available for machine or manual processing.



Nestaan Holland BV

Nestaan Holland BV